Everything You Need to Know About Flutter 2.2

Recently, Google has launched the latest and best version of Flutter 2.2, a cross platform application development software which focuses on polish and optimization. It was initially launched in December 2018. Before we look into what are the latest updates in this new version let’s have a quick brief about what Flutter is and why Flutter Development in India is considered a best practice for application development. Then, this article will enlighten you with the benefits and upgrades of flutter 2.2 in comparison with the previous version.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is a UI software development kit, an open-source cross platform which is used to develop applications for Android, Linux, Mac, iOS, Windows and Web just by a single code base. This is the reason why it is the most preferred framework for application development.

A developer can build beautiful, natively compiled applications for web, mobiles or desktop using a single code base. Gone are the days where a developer had to re-write codes for different platforms. Flutter being a cross platform supporter gives this advantage and provides efficiency in the work of a developer.

Now that the new version of flutter has recently launched a few days back, let’s look into the upgrades and important features offered by flutter 2.2.

According to The Director of Product Management of Flutter, Tim Sneath, this latest version flutter 2.2 is the best version from the previous one because it gives permission for monetizing mobile applications. The new feature introduced in app purchases and ads ensuring ads for payments.

Here, we will see everything which you should know about Flutter 2.2 and the improvements offered.

1. Dart 2.13 Announced

In addition to other frameworks, a new add on is Dart 2.13. It supports Type Aliases and has Foreign Functional Interface. Supports null safety providing Docker Support as well.

Type Aliases Provided

typedef OldClassName = NewClassName;
Type Aliases for Classes Example:
typedef StringList = List;
Dart FFI (Foreign Function Interface)

● This new feature allows the user to directly wrap up the inline array in the Dart.

class StructInlineArray extends Struct {
external Array arr;

● Dart FFI now supports Packed Structs.It permits for less power consumption.

class TASKDIALOGCONFIG extends Struct {
external int cbSize;
external int hwndParent;
external int hInstance;
external int dwFlags;

2. Null Safety Updates

Flutter 2.2 allows developers to create or develop projects with null safety that to by default. It prevents the application to crash mid code and provides high security even if there are any null references in the project.

3. SDK Ads

The Ads SDK new feature supports payment plugins to be installed and built in Google Pay teams. This feature allows banner customizations for posting Ads. Allows developer community to receive payments for physical goods and go for in application plugin purchases.

4. Flutter Desktop Updates

Customization of keystrokes is provided in the latest version. For example, the “Enter” key is used to send the text while “Ctrl + Enter” is used to come to the new line. All the deferred components are applicable for Android but still not for iOS systems. Addition of custom messages is provided as this party extensions are now live just in Flutter 2.2.

5. Flutter Web Updates

Before the update, developers were bound to download the main.dart.js file twice. On downloading they were supposed to refresh again and again to get the desired results. But, now it is not like this anymore. It gets downloaded on single click and there is no need to refresh multiple times.

6. Automatic Scrolling Behaviour

Flutter 2.2 has an important and useful advantage now. There is no need to build scroll bars when the length of the text or site increases. Automatic scroll bars are generated as soon as the length exceeds the display screen. With this, customization of the scroll bar is also applicable depending on the interface.

With so many advantages and upgrades of Flutter 2.2, there is no doubt that it is the best choice for cross platform application development. So, this was all about Flutter 2.2 that a developer should be knowing. I hope you found it informative and helpful.

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