Which Content Management System is Right For Your Business

In today’s era there are many businesses out there who want to create their digital footprints and grow in this world of globalization. No doubt, that it will be easy for successfully established businesses to invest in website development or performing marketing strategies. But what about those businesses who have just started? What if they are not having that much budget to invest in developing a website for them or performing marketing for them? Does this mean that they will boycott the idea of going digital? This is a bit unfair for them. This is the reason why the Content Management System came into picture. It has made life easier for those who don’t want to invest a lot in developing websites and also for those who have less technical knowledge. In this article we will look into what a Content Management System and which CMS is right for your business overall irrespective of the fact that you are looking for some specific details.

What is CMS?

Content Management System is a software which is used to create, manage and make changes in the content. It usually focuses on creating those websites which are totally based upon contents like blogs, article posts etc. CMS is totally free to use and requires negligible knowledge of technicalities. There are many CMS website development software available out there, so which can be the best for your business. Well, this totally depends upon your personal choice, but there is one CMS which is very popular and highly recommended and that is WordPress.

Let’s have a look into what WordPress is and why it is the right choice for any business.

WordPress is an open source, easy to use and most popular framework for website development. It is a perfect platform for blogging purposes and creating CMS websites. In the past few years, WordPress has grown exponentially as it is capable of creating interactive and responsive websites without any technical knowledge. Managing WordPress websites is just like managing accounts on Facebook or Instagram.

Now let’s look into some amazing benefits of using WordPress for your business-

1. It is totally free to use

Creating WordPress websites is totally free to use. You don’t even have to invest in domain and hosting, as WordPress provides it for free under it’s hosting platform. So, if you are a beginner or have started a new business and don’t want to invest much, WordPress is the best choice for you among all other CMS website developments.

2. Easy and very quick to set up a website

Creating a website from WordPress is just like drag and drop. It is very easy and requires no technical skills or any programming language. One can develop a WordPress website very quickly in a couple of minutes.

3. User - friendly

The interface of WordPress is very interactive and suitable for technical and non-technical developers. With an easy-to-use dashboard and simplicity of the structure, a newbie can also utilize 80% of the benefits without learning it from anywhere.

4. Vast pool of inbuilt themes

WordPress provides a large number of in-built themes for different types of websites. All the themes are just one click away, you can change the theme anytime you want. The most important thing is that mostly all the themes are free to use. You can even categorize the themes based on the most popular and least used ones.

5. SEO - friendly

WordPress allows users to add relevant keywords into the contents of the websites making them search engine optimization friendly. Not only this, you can edit permalinks according to your keyword research also. This is considered as the best practice and adds value to the website.

6. Secure and scalable

Websites created using WordPress are highly secure and scalable. It provides https access as the “s” in https stands for security. Also, you have full access to your admin dashboard at any time which makes it more secure as you can keep strong passwords and change them at any time.

7. Plugins for every feature

Plugins are just like third party add-ons for a website. If any feature is not available on WordPress dashboard and you want to add it, then WordPress gives you permission to install plugins for those features and add them into your website. Almost 90% of the plugins are free to install and cover everything which is required to build a website.

So, now that we have seen so many amazing benefits of CMS website development using WordPress, there should be no doubt that WordPress is indeed the best and right choice for your business. I definitely believe that now you are ready to switch to WordPress for your CMS website development and that’s why ININDIA Tech is here for you. With a huge dedicated and professional team of developers, we provide custom CMS website development services.

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