Mobile Application Development - Intensive RoadMap for Business

ININDIA tech, a leading and growing Mobile App Development Company in India provides an outstanding experts team for development and maintenance of high quality and high-performance applications, designs for Android as well as iOS users with the latest and trending technologies and demands. The development process includes Front end and Back end including Security Add on Layers and System Software.

What is Mobile App Development?

Mobile App Development is the method of creating software applications that can run on mobile devices and work with online computing resources. The applications which are designed can be pre- installed by the user on their devices or can be accessed on a web browser using server side and client-side processing so that users can find an application usage experience within a web browser itself.

Mobile App Development RoadMap -

If you are thinking of developing a mobile app and you are confused about how to start or from where to start, then you are on the right track. We will be focusing on mobile app development as the field of mobile app development is increasing exponentially as the number of mobile users are increasing.

Mobile applications like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram have become a very important part of our daily usage without us realizing it.
Paths for Mobile Application development -
1. Single Platform
2. Cross Platform
      a. Hybrid Application
      b. Native Applicationn

Why and how can you choose the above-mentioned paths for mobile app development? Let’s have a look and find out the tools, techniques and benefits for them -

1. Single Platform Mobile Apps

Single Platform Mobile Apps are the apps which run or meet the requirements of a single operating system at a time. The major focus for single mobile apps are Android, iOS and Windows. Apps are built for them using different tools and technology in order to support a particular operating system.

Tools used for different Operating Systems-
  • Android - Java Android Studio Eclipse
  • iOS - Swift Objective C XCode
  • Windows - C#, .NET, XAML, Visual Studio
Benefits of why some apps today also are built using Single Platform
  1. Apps built through a single platform do not require an internet connection. Can be Viewed Offline.
  2. Provides High Performance
  3. Provides good store visibility and promotions through the app store.
  4. Can be easily implemented
  5. Provides a good user interface
  6. Provides limited user usage, as these apps are specific
“Almost 83.4% of the mobile users are Android users, 15.4% among them are iOS users and 0.8% are Windows users”.

Hence, Android Dominates iOS and Windows.

2. Cross Platform Mobile Apps

Cross Platform Mobile Apps are the apps that are compatible with multiple operating systems at a single time. They support multiple usage of the OS.

Types of Cross Platform Development techniques are -

a. Hybrid Applications
b. Native Applications

Tools and frameworks used by these techniques are -

1. Hybrid Applications - Hybrid Applications Developments were created to help already existing web developers in order to easily develop and deploy applications. The popular tool used for Hybrid Application is Apache Cordova. Frameworks include Framework7, Ionic Framework, jQuery Mobile and Onsen UI. Popular Languages used for Hybrid Applications are HTML5, CSS and JavaScript.

2. Native Applications - Native Applications helps us to program our application in one specific language and compiles tools to combine multiple applications. Tools used under React Native are ReactJS, CSS & HTML. C# for Xmarian. Under Native Script - AngularJS, HTML & CSS.

Benefits of Cross Platform Application Development -
  1. It takes less time to launch
  2. The solutions are cost effective
  3. Updates are always synchronized
What’s in it from our developers at family ININDIA tech?
  • Custom Mobile App Development
  • Native Android App Development
  • Native iOS App Development
  • Hybrid App Development
  • Creative UI/UX Designing
  • Responsive Design
  • Clean and Efficient Code
  • Automated QA and Testing
  • Support and Maintenance.
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