All You Should Know About App Development

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What is an application? What is App Development? What are the types of App Development offered by us? Why is Application Development essential for your business?


Applications are computer programs that help people to perform various tasks. It offers useability from the end users. According to the activity which is to be performed by a particular application, it modifies, manipulates, creates numbers, audio, text and graphics with respect to the design and requirement. They are a wonderful way to recognize potential audiences or targets and interact with them as if you are in front of them. It helps in building long-lasting relationships between your audience and your brand.

App Development -

App development is the method of creating software applications that work on a mobile device, and a certain mobile application utilizes a network to work with online computing resources. Hence, the mobile development method involves creation and installation of software bundles, implementation of backend services such as data access using an API and testing of the application on targeted devices.

"“Almost 83.4% of the mobile users are Android users, 15.4% among them are iOS users and 0.8% are Windows users”. "

Types of Custom App Development offered by us -

1. Android App Development

More than 5 billion users prefer android applications for visiting business pages. If your business does not have an app, then you are definitely missing out on your potential customers.

2. iOS App Development

iOS App Development is a lucrative process to increase target audience and enhance business. A huge market of users are there on iOS platforms. If you wish to generate higher revenues, then iOS App Development is the best solution for your business.

3. Native App Development

These apps are coded in a specific language and are used to access the camera, GPS or phonebook of the device according to the requirement. These apps use the best features provided by the operating systems and hence are costly. Platforms supported by these types of apps are Android and iOS. Languages used are Objective C, Swift and Java.

4. Hybrid App Development

These types of apps are similar to native apps. But these have to be downloaded via app store or play store totally depending upon the type of device the end user has. The code for these apps are written in HTML, CSS and JavaScript providing flexibility to be accessed across various mobile devices.

5. Flutter App Development

Flutter apps are quick and light. It allows us to build stunning and creative native apps for iOS and Android. Language used to build flutter apps are Dart.

6. Blockchain App Development

Blockchain is considered as a distributed network adding a high level of security for the transactions. It can track both tangible and intangible assets.

Importance of App Development for your business-
- Customer Convenience

Nowadays customers rely on ease and convenience with the products and services. With an application, this is compatible with the user's needs. If your business is related to purchasing products or ecommerce types, then having an app can win the trust of your customers and they can place orders with just one click.

- If your target audience is among the young demographic

According to various surveys, the age group of 18 to 24 years, use applications more than anything else. Most of the population keeps shopping apps installed, so this will be a wise decision and enhance the reach of your business goals.

- Enhances customer’s experience and boost traffic

Just having an app is not enough; your app should exhibit great user experience with handy navigations and good layouts. It increases the app traffic and chances of high profit are likely to occur more frequently.

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