10 Reasons Your Marketing Strategy Should Include WhatsApp

Marketing is all about promoting and expanding your brand. A method to reach more potential audiences and create more customers. Also, it is very important to choose your marketing platform wisely. WhatsApp being the most used and engaging platform has been considered to be the best platform for marketing. But most of the marketers think that marketing on WhatsApp can become a bit challenging. However, it can be true only if the marketers do not know how to perform strategic plans while marketing on WhatsApp. There is a good chance that if you have a data set of your customer and you find that they are available on WhatsApp, you can approach them but without getting blocked. This is only possible if you are aware of the strategies and techniques of doing marketing on WhatsApp. In this article, we will look into 10 reasons why your marketing strategy should include WhatsApp in it.

1. WhatsApp is free

Marketing on WhatsApp is totally free until and unless you are using business API or third-party chat box for your marketing. There are no paid promotions of WhatsApp or any investments for the graphics. It is simple and effective as most of your potential audience is already sitting behind and using the same platform multiple times in a day.

2. WhatsApp is the most widely used platform for messaging

According to the statistics 2022, WhatsApp is the most engaging platform. More than 2 billion people are connected with each other on WhatsApp via direct contacts, broadcasts, groups etc. It's just like a never-ending chain of people interconnected with each other.

3. Your potential and target audience is already available on WhatsApp

You never know that your direct contacts can also become your next customer. The reason is that all the population uses WhatsApp as a basic thing of their life, so your customers are already on WhatsApp. You just need to approach them in the right manner.

4. Most of the people prefer chat over phone calls

According to some surveys, people prefer using chat and are more comfortable in that rather than attending phone calls. So, it is very important to reach your audience via chats as it will be helpful for them also.

5. Diverse sets of features according to the market’s needs

Using WhatsApp for marketing provides a number of different features on a single platform. With such a diverse category of features, WhatsApp has been considered the most engaging platform. The diverse features available are as follows -

  • Groups
  • Status
  • Broadcast
  • Sharing links
  • Calling
  • Payments
6. Personalized conversation availability

You can generate messages for one- to -one interactions or if you want to broadcast your message with a number of people. Customizing the content can be done anytime and quickly. Making content according to your business can impact the readers with a wider prospect.

7. Permission based marketing

Only WhatsApp has this amazing feature that provides permission based on marketing. You cannot just directly buy or sell something on WhatsApp, but you need to approve the thing that yes you are open for such messages or data. Your customer has full right to accept or reject your messages.

8. It offers high user engagement

As compared to other social media platforms, WhatsApp has been considered as the number one preferred social media platform for user engagement. No doubt, people start and end their day by using WhatsApp. With such a high user engagement, businesses can easily earn profits more as compared to other platforms.

9. WhatsApp business API for different organizational needs

WhatsApp allows Business applications for SMBs to make business profiles, share website links, generate automated texts and use third party chat boxes. This works as an official platform and provides discipline into the business environment.

10. Improved customer experience by customer services

Your customer service through chats, voice calls or status tells a lot about your work. It depends upon how you treat your customers providing them all the facilities and ease to shop on WhatsApp itself.

WhatsApp can become an amazing marketing platform if you do it correctly provided that you have your brand awareness on other platforms as well. So these were the top reasons why you should include WhatsApp in your marketing strategy.

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