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‘In today’s era, technology has become a vital part of our living. People have a habit of spending more time on their devices. From gathering any information to searching about any product or company, the solution for all issues lies in our hands, that is mobiles or laptops. The dependability of technology has reached the edge, and people cannot survive without it. With this change in era, technology has shown its advantages in a very important way. The Information Technology industry has turned over the past time. With so much advancements, services offered to the population have been considered really very helpful to fulfil the requirements. Nowadays, 92% of businesses rely on websites or other online social media platforms for their growth and success. Not only growth, but to reach their target and potential audience.

While all of this is becoming so demanding and helpful, ININDIA Tech, Best Software Service Company in India, Bangalore aims to provide outstanding software services to our clients and deliver possible excellent experience. Let's have a look at the services offered by us with the relevant domains and fields’

Before we look into the services, it is very important to know the company’s culture, environment and functionality. For this main reason, every company adopts a procedure or we can say a life cycle, which in technical terms is known as Software Development Life Cycle or SDLC.

Software Development Life Cycle is considered as a step -by- step process which takes place in a company to build or develop a particular service product.This helps in maintaining trust among the clients and also maintaining the ethics of the company’s environment. Six major steps involved in Software Development Life Cycle are-

1. Analysis - Details regarding the requirement of the client are taken in this stage. It is a very important stage, as overall development depends on this stage.

2. Design - Once the analysis is completed, the design of the project is made. It shows how the project’s outcome will be.

3. Development - After the completion of the design, expert developers create the required software.

4. Testing - After the completion of development, testing is done in order to check that the development is matching with requirements and if there are any bugs or errors.

5. Implementation - This a very crucial step, the software comes into the production environment and is accessible to the stakeholders.

6. Maintenance - Once the software is live, it needs regular maintenance and updates to fulfill the user’s requirement.

Nowadays, all companies follow Software Development Life Cycle as a priority for a smooth and up to date functionality.

The foundation of development is based upon popular Flutter Development. Let’s have a look about flutter development at ININDIA-

Introduction -

Flutter is an open-source UI software development platform which is used to create and develop cross platform android apps for Android, iOS, Mac, Linux, Windows, Google Fuchsia etc. It is an application framework written in C, C++ and Dart. It is not only a framework but a SDK or Software Development Kit. The framework architecture has some major components like -

  1. Dart Platform
  2. Flutter Engine
  3. Foundation Library
  4. Design Specific Widget
  5. Flutter Development tools
Why Flutter?
  1. It helps in fast development and delivery
  2. It offers flexible UI and is expressive
  3. Provides Native performance
  4. Portable for all screens
  5. Easy to learn
Some great advantages of flutter over other SDK’s -
  1. Provides readymade and custom widgets for UI coding
  2. Uses Dart, which is a simple and most targetable language for java developers.
  3. Provides great documentation for learning
  4. Provides hot reload function for instant updates
  5. Gives high performance
  6. Accessible internationally

So, Flutter Development has overpowered other Software Development Kits.

Outstanding software services offered by us -
  1. E-Commerce Website Development
  2. Informative Website Development
  3. Mobile App Development
  4. Web App Development
  5. WordPress Development
  6. UI/UX Design
  7. Flutter Development
  8. CMS Development
  9. Search Engine Optimization
  10. Digital Marketing
  11. Social Media Marketing
  12. Branding

Most businesses rely on mobile apps and websites, but it becomes very difficult to choose among them. On the basis of the requirements and expectation of the business, one can choose whether he or she wants a mobile app or a website.

Let’s have a look which among website or mobile apps is suitable for your business-

Choosing between a mobile app or a responsive website, totally depends on your end goals. For example, if your goal is to offer an interactive game which a particular person who is interested wants to play and keep the data safe, then a mobile app is the best option. But if you wish to offer some content based informative platform and want to target a large audience, then a website is the best option. In some cases, it might happen you end up with both the options. So you need to prioritize your end goals before choosing among them.

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