Three Powerful Bosses of SEO

A good website is not just a website made and the work is done, indeed it is about promoting and marketing it as much as possible. It is important to increase the organic growth of your site, as it will lead to an increase in potential customers. Nowadays, the world revolves around websites, people are used to surfing the internet for every other thing. Whether it is about searching information online or shopping, websites have always shown blunders of experience to the users. All this is possible due to Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Let’s have a look into what is SEO? Why is SEO important? Three main bosses of SEO around which all the optimization revolves.

What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving the organic growth of a website and increasing it’s reach followed by the increase in ranking of google search. Everyone wants their site to be shown on the top, this is possible due to Search Engine Optimization techniques. This is done by including content of high quality and improving technical aspects. Content can be improved by adding relevant keywords which are frequently used in the search engines.

Why is SEO Important?

Well, optimizing your site brings free organic traffic to your site. Your page is shown at the top of related search results. You can add paid Ads to your site, so that whenever a user clicks on your link, the adviser is supposed to pay the search engine for the same. Paid results are always shown at the top of the google search, however both paid and free results work beneficial only if the content plays the perfect role.

SEO revolves around three main bosses. Let’s have a look into them -

Boss 1. What you are Promoting?

You need to recognize what your business is about and what you want to promote. Every type of business requires a different knowledge and level of promoting things. You can’t apply the same algorithm for every business. The basics of recognizing includes -

  • Your opponents
  • Your assets
  • Your experience in that particular field
  • Your strengths
  • Time in an enterprise
Boss 2. Searchers

You should look into the persona of your business. The type of searchers you want to draw into your website depends on your optimization and relevance of keywords usage. The basics of recognizing your searchers are -

  • Search Intent and relevance of information provided
  • Only subjects, no key phrases
  • Socioeconomic and Psychological elements
  • Model affinity and Beliefs
  • Seasonality and Traits
  • Search Conduct
  • Buyer’s Journey
  • Location and Language of the searchers
  • Accessibility
Boss 3. SERPs

The most important boss which leads search engine optimization is SERPS. You should have a good knowledge of relevant search engines properly. Starting from how the search engines work to what exactly each search engine requires the algorithm about. The basis on which SERPS should be identified are -

  • Enterprise mannequin
  • Natural Language processing - NLP module
  • E-A-T - Experience, Authoritativeness and Beliefs
  • Hyperlinks
  • Core net Vitals
  • Indexability
  • Markup schema
  • Ongoing updates

These three main bosses of Search Engine Optimization have been an evolving method every day. The websites are highly affected by these techniques whenever they are applied or implemented. If you want to make your SEO strategy a success, then you must follow all the signals provided by google at every instant. The three main pillars for triggering all the relevant searches by google are - Understandability, Credibility and Deliverability. These three parameters well define the statistics of a successful search engine. Every SEO action taken up must serve any one of these pillars. However, SEO is a long term planned strategy. It requires a lot more than the technical part, content part and backlinks.

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