How to Run a Virtual Job Fair to Attract Top Marketing Talent?

As we all are aware that the Covid-19 Pandemic has hit our lives in several ways. Whether it is education, shopping or working, everything is available to us online. We got familiar with a whole virtual life while sitting at our comfy homes. The major part of this virtual life is work from home scenario, which however is succeeded by Virtual Job Fair. This technique has grown rapidly over the years and expectedly, it will be continued for a long time. Let’s have a look at all the parameters involved in a successful Virtual Job Fair.

What is a Virtual Job Fair?

Virtual Job Fair can be referred to as the first ever interaction between a potential candidate or we can say a job seeker and between an employer who is an employee seeker. It is an online event which allows candidates to become familiar with the employer, the job market, attending meaningful workshops and relevant guest speeches. On the other hand, it helps employers to find the best talent. All this totally happens online from the comfort of their homes.

Benefits of a Virtual Job Fair -

Well, Virtual Job Fairs benefits both, the job seekers and the organization or company conducting it.

  • Virtual Job Fairs are cost effective and this works both ways
  • They are safe and more attendees take part as compared to offline events.
  • They are not limited by available physical space.
  • They make it easier to access the data and information which is provided.
  • As more attendees take part, a wider talent pool is provided to the organization.
  • It is more convenient to attend virtual job fairs without travelling or making further efforts.
  • Not limited to a particular state or country, people can participate from all over the world.

Making a Virtual Job Fair successful is not an easy task. Hosting a virtual job fair can save an organization a lot but it requires some strategies and techniques.Software Development Life Cycle Let’s have a look into some tips and techniques for attracting Top Marketing Talent -

● Choose the right Virtual Job Fair Platform according to your requirement

You will always have to choose the right platform because if so many people are coming online together to attend the event, you on the other hand want things to go smoothly and avoid any glitches.

Top three platforms for conducting Virtual Job Fair are -

  • Brazen
  • SkyFair
  • Paradox
● Outline all the resources which are needed

This is so obvious, because the attendees are there to gain all the possible knowledge they can, but this can only be possible if you have proper resources like camera, microphone and all the other parameters used in delivery of your information.

● Always develop a good marketing plan

You need to get engaged in proactive marketing of your event so that more people take part in it. Some of the beneficial methods for marketing are -

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Connect with Partners
● SetUp Virtual Booths for your Fair

Virtual Booths are just like traditional booths where an attendee can speak for different companies or different departments within a same company. It becomes useful for gathering more information regarding the organizations and future events.

● Always add additional Events and Spaces

In traditional events, many other additional events like booths, workshops etc are always added. Try to add these in your online virtual fair also. This will increase the value of your event and involve more user engagement with a good experience.

● Always send educational and informational data before the event

Don’t limit your marketing till the point someone sign-ups for the event, you need to be consistent in reminding them again and again about the event and deadlines, so that they don’t forget.

● Don’t forget to enquire and follow up with the attendees after the event

Once the event is successfully done, you need to follow up with your attendees to take it to a further process related to your event. You need to make sure that you provide the attendees a full-fledged experience.

So many scenarios in our life happen online; hence, it’s not a doubt accepting that Virtual Job Fairs can attract Top Talents around the globe. With the correct hosts, platform, environment or technology one can really grab benefits out of a Virtual Job Fair event.

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