What is GIT and How Do You Use It?

In the field of Information Technology, where thousands of projects are made everyday by tech experts and developers all around the globe, the need to handle the resources and contents of source codes and everything has been a major concern. It is important because if not handled, then the quality of delivery can be compromised and also it will become difficult for the developers to understand the project. This is the reason GIT came into picture. It helped in handling the projects and making work easier for our developers. Let’s have a deep look into What is GIT , how do we use it and why should a developer use Git for handling projects and source codes

What is GIT?

GIT is an acronym for Global Information Tracker. It is a developer’s tool which is used for source code management. It is a free and open-source software used for the purpose of tracking changes in any set of files. It is used for coordinating work between various developers whenever they are ongoing a project which requires sharing of source codes. It is also known as a distributed version control system, which handles each and everything starting from minor projects to the major ones. GIT goals for speed data integrity, support for distributed and non-linear workflow schedules. It is distributed to every developer so that they can check the full history of their code repository. It has excellent support for branching, merging and rewriting repository history.

How can you use GIT?

Git is a software that you can easily access through a command line or a particular desktop app that has a GUI known as Graphical User Interface like SourceTree.

A Git repository usually contains all the project files and the entire revision history. Let’s have a look at the basic steps that you have to follow to get started with Git.

Step 0- Install Git from google and create your GitHub account
Step 1- Create a repository or a project with GIT hosting tool like Bitbucket
Step 2- Copy or Clone the repository to your local machine
Step 3- Add a file to your local repository and commit the changes or save them
Step 4- “Push” your changes to your main branch or root.
Step 5- Make a change to your file with Git hosting tool and save then changes or commit
Step 6- “Pull” the changes to your local machine.
Step 7- Create a “Branch”, then make a change and save them
Step 8- Open a “Pull” request to propose changes in the main branch
Step 9- “Merge” your branch to your main branch.
Step 10- Enjoy your Git glory

So, these were the steps which one should go through to get started with Git.

Why should you use Git as a developer?

  1. It is free and open source.
  2. GitHub provides ease of access and makes version control much easier.
  3. Coding practices are important for maintaining project deadlines.
  4. Provides a history of changes to developers that occur over the time in their code while undergoing a project.
  5. Creates a powerful Graphical Interface for the versioning system of Git.
  6. Creates access right for the code developed.
  7. Allows users to create a copy of a repository on their computer irrespective of making any changes in the original one.

So, these were some of the important insights into Git and How it works followed by Why should a developer use Git. Being a popular developer tool, Git has contributed to over a million projects and has helped thousands of Information Technology firms to handle projects with smooth and easy functionality.

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