CMS DEVELOPMENT : Enhance your Website Quality

CMS [Content Management System] is an application used to create, manage and publish web content. They are stored in a database and displayed on a layer based on the required template. With CMS, managing websites is very easy. It is like editing a basic document in Microsoft Word. The biggest advantage of CMS development is that content and database can be managed without performing any coding part.

Some basic features of CMS development -

  1. It allows users to create content.
  2. It allows users for content storage.
  3. Provides workflow management
  4. Allows access for publishing the content.
  5. Allows non-technical people to create websites without any coding.

Our experts and dedicated teams have designed hundreds of website using popular CMS development apps, which are-

1. Wordpress

- It is an open source free software used to create beautiful websites, blogs and applications. It is written in PHP and paired with a MySql database. Creating websites through wordpress is just drag and drop elements. No coding is required to do so.

2. Elementor

- It is a wordpress plugin that allows users to add beautiful features just by dragging and dropping elements into pages and posts. Provides beautiful themes and layouts for web designs.

3. Drupal

- It is a free open source framework that provides back-end development ranging from personal blogs to corporates or different types of websites.

4. Joomla

- It is a free open source software that provides discussion forums, photo galleries, e-commerce websites and various other types of web applications.

5. Wix

- It is an Israeli software company that provides cloud based web applications. It allows users to create websites with Html5 and mobile sites through drag and drop menus.

6. Magnolia

- It is an open source software for content management systems. Based on the content repository API for Java. It uses a JCR repository to store, retrieve, modify and manage content

7. Magento

- It is an open source e-commerce platform which is written in PHP and uses PHP frameworks like Laminas and Symfony. It provides small businesses a flexible digital platform to come online and sell products.

These Web Development tools using CMS Development have some amazing benefits. Some of them are -

  • They are cost efficient
  • Easy to create with features like WYSIWYG editor
  • SEO - friendly
  • Large Developer Communities